Labor Day weekend at the Fair

My friend John calls it “The State Mediocre.”  My friend Bruce won’t go because “stinky animals.”

Their loss.

This coming weekend, Friday Sept 2 through Monday Sept 5, I’ll be spending a fair amount of time at the Minnesota State Fair.

On Friday Sept 2 (3:15 – 6:30) and Saturday Sept 3 (10:30 – 1:45) you can find me at the Ramberg Senior Center playing Rat Pack era jazz with the Blue Eyes Band, featuring singer Tim Patrick.  Everyone says Michael Buble sounds just like him!

On Saturday, Sunday, and Monday afternoons (Sept 3, 4, and 5, at 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, and 6pm, on the hour), members of Collide Theatrical Dance Company will do short “pop-up performances” outside the Education Building.  Tim Patrick will be joining us for these, so that will be fun.

DIRECTIONS:  On the Fairgrounds Interactive Map, the Ramberg Senior Center is at R-29 (Judson and Underwood, southeast corner of the fairgrounds) and the Education Building is at W-21 (on Cosgrove between Dan Patch and Wright, middle of the strip on the east side of the fairgrounds).

See the gigs page for more info, and see you there!

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