Some things I’ve been on.

First, check out these piano improvisations on my SoundCloud.

This link is a YouTube video — “Czardas” (V. Monti) – with Adena Kaplan, violin (December 2019)
Lots of great music on this video but for our bit, fast forward to 19:30

The rest of these are favorite tracks from studio projects I’ve been involved in.

“Dandelion Wine” (with Paul Porter, December 2018)

“Dreaming” (with Paul Porter, December 2018 – dedicated to Kathy)

“Wound Too Tight” (by Scott Yoho, with The Auto Body Experience, August 2016)

“Mississippi River” (composer unknown, with Chellie Brown, June 2015)

“Jake’s Key” (Tommy Bentz, summer 2014)

“Those Days Are Yet To Come” (by Jim Ouska, with BLU-7, 2014)

“In a Mist” (Bix Beiderbecke)

“I’m Walking” (by Fats Domino/Dave Bartholomew, with Gregg Marquardt, 2001)

“Half Moon” (by Karen Moore and me, with Jai Cafe, 1994)

“Brazil” (by Ary Barroso, with the Clinton Avenue Trio, 1994)