Some things I’ve been on, that turned out somewhat the way I wanted them to.

with Adena Kaplan (violin)
“Czardaz” (V. Monti)
December 1, 2019
At her mom Sharon Kaplan’s 80th birthday recital

Adena Kaplan and I had a ton of fun with this Hungarian folk classic.
*** lots of great music here but for our bit, fast forward to 19:30 ***

with Paul Porter
Dandelion Wine
Rough mix – January 2019

My good friend Paul Porter on guitar and vocals, finally getting the chance to record the songs he’s been writing and singing as long as I’ve known him.

Title track, with me on piano.

“Dreaming”, with me on Hammond, dedicated to Michelle and Kathy.

with The Auto Body Experience
Infinite Possibilities CD release party
August 5, 2016
Eagles Club, Minneapolis

Did you miss our August 5th CD release show at the Eagles Club? Or perhaps you did attend, and your friends say you had a spectacularly wild time, but your recollections of the evening are a little cloudy? Either way, we made this video just for you.

“Wound Too Tight” (Scott Yoho)
The Auto Body Experience
Infinite Possibilities (2016)

In this wacky band fronted by guitarist and songwriter Scott Yoho, I’m the new guy, having been its keyboardist for only 8 years. This song was fun for me because I got to play grand piano, toy piano, Hammond organ, and Farfisa organ (but not at the same time).  Engineered by Dave Russ.

CD release party is at the Minneapolis Eagles Club on August 5, but hit me via the contact page if you want an advance copy!

“Mississippi River” (composer unknown)
Chellie Brown
The Wee Bop CD (2015)

My good friend Chellie Brown has a little kid music business called Wee Bop.  For the tenth anniversary, she and her fellow Wee Bop teachers, most of them professional musicians in their own right, realized a longtime vision of making “good” music available for classes and for families at home — music that both children and parents would enjoy listening to and singing along with.

“Mississippi River” is a song Chellie’s son Ivan came home from school singing.  Nobody in northeast Minneapolis could tell her where the song came from, but  we decided to put it on the CD anyway because it was such a keeper.

With Peter Sands on Hammond organ, Jim Ouska on guitar, Tom Lewis on bass, and Beth Varela on drums.

“Jake’s Key” (Tommy Bentz)
Tommy Bentz Band
Friend or Faux (2014)

Tom plays guitar, and I play piano and organ on this track.  It’s an instrumental that Tom wrote some years back in memory of a friend, and finally got a chance to record.  Jason McLean plays  bass and Alex Burgess plays drums.

“Those Days Are Yet To Come”
(Jim Ouska)

demo (2014)

We recorded this two different ways; this version was kind of an accident, just screwing around with a stride piano thing, but the tape recorder was on, so we kept it.  Jim on guitar, John Iden on bass, Dean White on drums.

“In a Mist” (Bix Beiderbecke)
Doug Rohde, solo piano
The Yoguys (2005)

Recorded in my basement with Garage Band on my out-of-tune Yamaha C2.  The Yoguys was a project with my good friends and yoga partners James Nash and Bruce-Bell Myers.  They contributed folky original tunes to the CD.

“I’m Walking”
(Fats Domino/Dave Bartholomew)

Gregg Marquardt
Starting Point (2001)

Gregg on vocals,  Jim Ouska on guitar, Jim Chenoweth on bass, Pat Hulme on drums. Recorded at Wild Sound, Minneapolis, by Matthew Zimmerman.

Half Moon
Karen Therese
Jai Cafe (1994)

I got partial songwriting credit on this one!

“Brazil” (Ary Barroso)
The Clinton Avenue Trio
demo (1993)

With Ann Marie McIntire (“Sis”) on bass, and John McIntire (“Pops”) on drums.  Recorded at the “old” Wild Sound by Matthew Zimmerman.