Greetings!  I am a musician and teacher in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St Paul, Minnesota; music director for Collide Theatrical Dance Company; a freelance jazz pianist; and keyboardist in The Auto Body Experience which released its latest album in 2016.

My piano and improvisation teaching practice is at Center For Performing Arts, a tradition-rich and family-friendly space for creative endeavors in south Minneapolis.  I belong to the Minnesota Music Teachers Association where I led the creation of a “popular styles” piano teaching method to go along with their award-winning classical program.  I also belong to the Minnesota Federation of Music Clubs.

My home is in south Minneapolis, walking distance from the studio, with my partner Sylvia Bachmann and our two feline crumb snatchers, Opie and Spud.  My home town is Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, near Madison. I have two brothers, Paul in Madison and Jim in Raleigh, NC.

If you need a musician or are interested in lessons, or just want to say hi, go to the contact page or find me on Facebook.