“Infinite Potential” cover art


I’m excited to be able to give you a sneak preview of Infinite Potential by The Auto Body Experience. It’s the band’s fifth record, and my first with the band.  I’m especially excited because we began recording in early 2009!  I think the long process has been totally worth it, though.  Besides, bandleader Scott Yoho has hardly been dilly dallying.  The other thing that happened in early 2009 was the birth of his second son.  (For a beautiful portrait of their relationship, buy the record and listen to track 7.)

The release party isn’t until August 5, but Scott said I could post an image here ahead of time.  I think it’s helpful to see the junkyard full of cars along with the album title, which is a bit of a sleeper.  (For an explanation of the word sleeper, buy the record and listen to track 8.)

Finally, I’ll stop with the teasers and say that a preview of the record itself, in the form of track 9, is available here on my recordings page.  I included this track, “Wound Too Tight”, because it’s the one where I got to play with the most toys.

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